Point Blank Body Armor, Inc.

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Point Blank introduced their Alpha Elite Series soft physique armor at the 2013 IACP conference in Philadelphia and began shipping the armor in early-2014. The straps suspend the ballistic panels, not the carrier that holds the ballistic panels. Clifford Yarbrough, who served with the 3rd Particular Forces group in Afghanistan, told The Instances that his unit, along with other Particular Forces and the Delta Forces, were issued titanium plates. At the item launch in early-2014, the Alpha Elite body armor with Dyneema ballistic panels is accessible in NIJ Level II and NIJ Level IIIA for males, and in NIJ Level IIIA for women.

PowerNet Stretch Combo Plate Pockets in the carrier accept five-inch x eight-inch, 6-inch x eight-inch or 8-inch x ten-inch trauma plates in each the front and the back. Military spending in the United States accounts for at least $600 billion a year ( some calculations put the quantity at a lot more than $1.4 trillion annually). The other soft-physique armor systems use the straps to hold the carrier, and in turn, the carrier holds the ballistic panels. Other Navy personnel on Person Augmentee assignments use the Army’s body armor systems.

As part of U.S. President George W. Bush ‘s $87 billion package for ongoing operations in Afghanistan and Iraq, $300 million was earmarked for physique armor. The Interceptor armor also has a PALS webbing grid on the front of the vest which accommodate the exact same variety of pockets used in the Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment ( MOLLE ) backpack/carry vest technique. The significant, who has two enlisted sons, said that the ceramic plates issued to Army and Marine Corps personnel do not deliver sufficient protection against close enemy fire. Ballistic panels continue to develop into thinner and additional flexible, creating soft physique armor extra comfortable to put on.

As the world’s top manufacturer of physique armor, Point Blank’s heritage and mission is to assist save the lives of these that serve to defend our freedom. Well, I will be dipped in you-know-what: the Army thinks it would be swell if somebody could come up with body armor that worked like fish scales. The comfort of the soft physique armor generally determines no matter whether or not the officer really wears the armor. This is lighter than the earlier Ranger Physique Armor fielded in Somalia which weighed 25.1 pounds (11.4 kg).

But until a thorough and impartial investigation is produced, the story of physique armor will be a lot like the story of the invasion of Iraq: some people get wealthy, some people today die. The issue with physique armor is there never ever has been and under no circumstances will be far better physique armor than the Army is fielding to its soldiers these days. Body armor is usually a compromise: mobility and comfort (and thus speed and stamina) are inevitably sacrificed to some degree when greater protection is achieved.

The Interceptor body armor technique consists of an Outer Tactical Vest (OTV) and two Modest Arms Protective Insert (SAPI) ballistic plates. These bottom-loading internal plate pockets are made from 90-percent nylon and ten-% spandex and the folded style eliminates yet an additional seam in the carrier. Our core competency is the manufacture of physique armor systems, which encompass ballistic, stab and fragmentation protection for Federal, State, and Neighborhood Law Enforcement, Corrections, and Military.

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