Edea ICE FLY Determine Skates and Edea Skate Bag (Sale) Ice Fly: The Ice Fly boot…

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Edea ICE FLY Determine Skates and Edea Skate Bag (Sale)
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🔹Ice Fly:
The Ice Fly boot is the lightest skating boot available and signifies a massive turning position in skating and skating technological know-how an ultra fashionable style for skaters who like winning. The versatility in the boot suggests extra grace and magnificence to each and every general performance.
🔹EDEA Bag:
Recently designed shaped-bag for carrying skates.
Manufactured from a blend of thick weave polyester and a new ‘padded quilted’ substance. Applying these products makes our bag solid, long-lasting and washable.
We’ve extra mesh fabric inserts at the sides for inner air flow to support maintain boots fresher when currently being carried.
The rigid inner base is coated in substance designed to take up humidity. The cover is removable and washable. This is twin-sided – with a softer facet for skates and a tougher facet for rollers.
There is one massive lateral pocket for storage so this suggests you can maintain your kit away from the boots keeping it fresher.
The inner mesh pocket at the facet for storing compact Edea things this kind of as spare laces, socks, Edea Lace straps, or a lace puller.
An extra massive rear zipped exterior pocket is for storing individuals additional bits we all need to have.
We’ve extra a drainage position at the base of the bag to support maintain boots fresh – with 4 studs on the base of the bag to maintain it off the floor and support drainage.
Each and every bag has both an adjustable shoulder strap and padded manage to make it effortless to have.
Far more Edea Skates:
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